Report from the EUU Coordinating Council Meeting 2 February 2019

Here is a brief summary of important points that were discussed at the Coordinating Council (CC) meeting in Heidelberg:


The Basel/Brussels Retreat in Cologne was a success, and the Fall 2019 Retreat (Bad Homburg) and Spring 2020 Retreat (Prague) are on track. However, there has been some feedback from the Fellowships that planning retreats can be difficult to balance with other Fellowship Commitments.

Two different proposals were put forward to deal with these problems, and Fellowship CC Representatives and the At-Large Rep are to discuss these with the fellowships.*


The event in Berlin is on course to be a success, but we need support from the Fellowships to spread the word about the program and encourage participation. Registration is now open  (added after meeting).

At the CC Meeting in June, we will be discussing the future of EUT.


The Pledge Drive was successful and came close to meeting our goals.  Thanks to Peter Jarrett for being so effective.

Our Budget is on target and Tom Sievers has done a great job of transitioning our budget year from January to December.


Updates to the Policy Manual were provisionally approved. The proposed final version of the Policy Manual will be sent to Fellowship Reps * by April 1. We need to integrate a section on Social Action into it as well as the information about how our organization is registered with French authorities. Final approval of the Policy Manual will hopefully take place at the next CC meeting.


Jodi Stolzenbach and Diana Smith are reaching out to each of the Fellowships * to see how they can establish even greater coordination and cooperation. 2019 Social Action Projects will focus on the environment. This is a particularly exciting corner of the EUU World. Why not get involved?


The nominating committee is looking for our next President and Vice-President. If you, yourself, are interested or if you can think of someone who would be well-suited, please send an email to


Gevene Hertz will be posting articles on the website as they are received and proofread by Shulamit Levine-Helleman and then announcing them in the Unifier Newsletter on or about the 10th of every month (except the months when we have Retreats). Articles and event notifications should be sent to

The new logo and branding will be discussed at the June CC meeting.


Membership continues to be a difficult issue for our organization. Membership questions arise when we deal with voting procedures, publicity, and retreat discounts. Three models were suggested, and Fellowship representatives are to discuss them with their fellowship * members. Feedback and new proposals should be sent in writing to the President by June 1.


Speaker’s List

Associate Minister List

Overhaul of Retreat Registration

Revision of the Retreat Handbook

New Logo and Branding

Tech Stand at Bad Homburg Retreat

Encouraging Volunteerism (logging hours, awards, appreciation, etc.)

A note from Carolyn: My thanks to everyone who attended and to those who couldn’t attend the CC Meeting but updated us on their doings. Caitlin, please convey our special thanks to UURhein-Main for hosting us and welcoming us at their service yesterday.

* Note from editor: For most items, at-large is considered a Fellowship. The At-large Representative will communicate with at-large members over the questions which have been referred to the Fellowships for discussion.