Result of Social Action Collections in Bad Homburg

Thank you to everyone who attended the November retreat in Bad Homburg and who so generously contributed to our social action collections!


A huge number of eyeglasses were collected this time — 69 pairs plus 51 cases — thus filling an entire box! Aude van Lidth de Jeude will take these to Egypt for distribution to those who need them. In addition, UUFP also carried out its own collection prior to the retreat, gathering 22 pairs of eyeglasses and 8 cases, as well as 26 pairs of sunglasses. Some of these were unclaimed passenger eyeglasses donated by airlines. The Paris collection will be donated to Burkina Faso through Optic 2000 (for more information, visit, in French and German).

Laura, from Hamburg, Germany, once again collected used and new postage stamps. Of these, the fancier ones will be passed on to the German Unitarian Briefmarkengruppe, which raises money for social projects and outings. The colorful ones will go to a group that does projects for those with disabilities, in this case raising funds for things not covered by their health insurance.

One bag was collected and will be donated to a school in Brussels.

The collection from the Sunday service, along with book exchange donations, raised €1,131.08 and went to The Story Store, one of the organizations that received a social action grant in 2018 and whose founders led a workshop in Bad Homburg. The Story Store’s mission is to bring the tales of activists around the world to local audiences, thereby building connections between people. For more information, see

Thank you for your generosity and for your future support!

Terri Michos

Social Action Coordinator