Social Action Donation at UU Rhein-Main

by Claudia Searle-White

2020 was a strange year for the UU Rhein-Main fellowship, as it was for all of us. Like many fellowships, we were not able to meet in person more than a handful of times. This meant that we had many online services at which we did not collect an offertory, and we had some excess funds that otherwise would have gone towards the costs of meeting in person. So, we decided to take some of these excess funds and donate them to social action.

Ann Frank in FrankfurtAs our beneficiary, we picked the Anne Frank Educational Center, to which we have donated €200.

The Anne Frank Educational Center is a local Frankfurt non-profit. Their goal is to sensitize young people and adults to deal with and stand strong against antisemitism, racism and various forms of discrimination. In their counseling centers, they also support victims of right-wing and racist violence and provide advice to people who have experienced various kinds of discrimination. More information in English is available here.

We believe that the goals of the Anne Frank Educational Center are aligned with our UU values and that the services they provide are much needed; this recent story from the ZDF (in German) gives you an idea of the continuing issue that is racism and antisemitism in Germany.

We hope our donation will support them in their efforts.