Social Action Grants Proposed by Fellowships

(Updated 20 Jan 2019)

Those who check the website regularly may recall that over the summer, EUU awarded six social action grants to charities and organizations proposed by fellowships. Those organizations are as follows:

  • Oasis, proposed by Brussels;
  • the Story Store, proposed by Wiesbaden;
  • the Refugee Task Force, proposed by Paris;
  • Milieudefensie, proposed by the Netherlands;
  • the Starfish Project, proposed by at-large EUU member Leroy Eugene Euvrard;
  • and the Hungarian Unitarian Women Ministers Retreat, proposed by Emese Bodor, a Unitarian minister who has attended EUU retreats as a chaperone to the Transylvanian youth.

These organizations have now received the grant money, and we’re starting to get feedback from them and from our members.

Here you’ll find a write-up of how the money has been spent in Paris,

and here you will find a thank you note from the Hungarian Unitarian women ministers, along with photos of their event.

Here’s a description of the Oasis Away Day for mothers from many parts of the world.

Update on the Story Store.