Terri Michos and Adrienne Brayman

photo by Ryan McGinn


Social Action Co-coordinator

Terri Michos

Terri Michos is now fired up and ready to take on the challenge of being a Social Action coordinator. She is a member of both UU Rhein-Main (Frankfurt) and the At-Large Community, and has been a member of the EUU since 2009.

Terri has long enjoyed working on affordable housing, climate and immigration projects — whether hands-on as a crew chief for Habitat for Humanity, on the people level as a member of Helferkreis Asyl (Asylum Seekers’ Association) in her town in

Germany or at the policy level while a member of the boards of the Interfaith Hospitality Network and KidsVote New Jersey.

Raised Unitarian Universalist and a child of the 70s, she couldn’t help but be aware that access and opportunity are keys to leading a life to one’s full potential.

She has participated in many forms of social action: marching for United Farmworkers’ rights and protesting nuclear power in the 70s, teaching literacy in 80s, working in construction management of affordable housing in Newark, New Jersey’s Central Ward in the 90s.

Terri has been a long-time member of the UU Service Committee https://www.uusc.org.

Since becoming a member of the EUU in 2009, she has dabbled in EUU social action, meeting with the head of the UU-UNO in New York City and attending many social action workshops and meetings at the EUU retreats.

She draws inspiration from a long line of talented social action coordinators and hopes to do the position justice.

Terri is an avid sailor and intermittent runner. She enjoys having her own business coaching business and lecturing in communication and management at several universities. Mostly she loves the company of her German and US-American families, esp. her husband Mehmet and their three entertaining grand little people.

Social Action Editor

Adrienne Brayman

Adrienne lives in Brussels and is a member of the Brussels Fellowship. She has been attending EUU retreats since 2013 and has rarely missed one since. As social action editor for the Unifier, she is responsible for compiling ideas and articles for publication in the newsletter and on the website. If you or your fellowship is involved in a social action project, don’t be surprised if she asks you to write an article! She also coordinates with Terri, the Social Action Coordinator. If you have an idea for social action or are already working on something, please get in touch!

To contact us, please write to SocialAction@europeanuu.org or request to join our Facebook Group.