The Canterbury Tales

by Derek Suchard

When the definitive narrative account of the Covid-19 pandemic is written, the modern-day Decamerone or Canterbury Tales, it will have a colourful cast of characters, depending on the author and what philosophical point xe is trying to make.

For some, prominent roles will be reserved for a gang of villains, led by a ragtag group of ne’er do wells, including members of the Illuminati, associated with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a fiction created by the Tsarist Russian secret police), the Communist Chinese biological warfare division, Big Tech – with Bill Gates and the mobile telephone providers colluding to use the so-called pandemic to inject microchips into an unsuspecting population and using the 5G mobile technology to create Covid-19 symptoms to get people to want to vaccinate…when the walk is completed, it will turn out, of course, that there had not been any Illuminati adherents present…basically because they don’t exist…but it will have served some people’s agendas to spread that rumor.

Another group of travelers will include some freedom fighters…fighting against the efforts of the aforementioned villains to enslave the population, and therefore fighting against everybody encouraging vaccination – obviously a ploy to enslave the population and to benefit Big Pharma and Big Government, don’t you know – and to preserve the hard-won freedoms for which ancestors have suffered and died.

A third group, who will be referred to by others as the Libertines, the Egocentric and the Unaware, are concerned with only one kind of freedom….the freedom to Partay! To go to the bars, to dance and otherwise carry on. They are young. They are strong. And rules?! They don’t need no stinking rules. Not much philosophy here, but a lot of hormone-driven risk-taking. And they do keep the pilgrimage lively, that’s for sure.

The group will also have its share of gnashers of teeth and renders of garments, such as the Environmentalists, who, seeing the big picture, see the confluence of so many simultaneous disasters – Covid, worldwide overheating, forest fires and flooding — and are dismayed. Then there are those who are most concerned by the damage to the economy from locked-down societies, in which concern they are joined by the group of entrepreneurs and employees, whose livelihoods and asset bases are at risk.

At the back of the pack, a group of white- and green-clad medical personnel and care workers, exhausted from overwork and traumatized by the amount of death they have seen, trail in silence, their eyes fixed ahead in a thousand-meter stare into the future.

But by far the biggest group of travelers will be none of those. The biggest group will be the people who, gritting their teeth and putting up with the social-distancing and working-from-home, seeing their children or their parents not at all or only on an eDevice, missing their movies and theater and cabaret and dinner parties, move about the crowd, urging one another on and helping out where they can. They get their vaccinations…and still follow guidelines, protecting themselves and others. Waiting for the moment, which, admittedly, may be a long time coming, when ‘normal’ will be just ‘normal’ and not ‘new’. Being heroic. And stalwart.

And by biggest, I’m not exaggerating. Recent figures estimate their number to be at about seventy percent. So, they will prevail. When you go to write your own part of the story, it’s important to include yourself in the right group…or your story won’t ring true. And I hope that you will have a good and supportive mix in your pilgrimage.

Good luck and have a good trip to Canterbury.