The passing of a great UU leader, Dr. Finley Campbell

Several days ago, I received the news that Dr. Finley Campbell passed away. He meant much to me because he became a symbol of resistance in our UU movement to what he and many UUs felt was absurd. He was possibly one of the first to speak out against white supremacy racism. He founded UUMUAC (UU Mulitracial Unity Action Council). It was one of the earliest of the current UU groups of ‘resistance’.

I am deeply grateful for his decision to be who he was and for what he did.

For me, such resistance is a vital strand at the core of our UU faith. When I heard his call, I answered it by joining UUMUAC. He meant and will continue to mean much to many UUs.

John Eichrodt.

21 August, 2023

Editor’s note: Finley Campbell was a member of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago. You can read his obituary on the church website.