The Pledge Drive Is in High Gear but Still Needs You!

Our 2020 pledge drive is underway, and signs are that it will be highly successful. That is mainly because so many registrants for the cancelled Prague retreat have generously decided to allow us to keep all or part of their reimbursable retreat fee as a pledge.

But of course for many, such generous pledge amounts are unlikely to be repeated, so we still need people who have not yet pledged to do so. And while we are happy in these uncertain times to have received a reimbursement for the spring retreat that was cancelled, unfortunately EUU as an organisation lost money in the exchanges between Euros and Czech Crowns.

Without more pledges, we will have to cut back on our recent years’ spending levels, which have been financed by digging into our assets. That would curtail mainly our ability to support our social action activities, something most of us consider the very basis of what it means to be an EUU member.

So before you do anything else I urge you to write to Jutta and me ( and and make your 2020 pledge. We will then send you details of our bank account so that you can transfer the money to EUU.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Peter Jarrett
EUU PLedge Drive Co-ordinator