Thoughts on the Pledge Drive from the VP

This week, I officially start my second year as Vice President of EUU. This past year has taught me more than I thought I had to learn about EUU – in particular, I find I am much more aware of the inner workings of EUU than I ever was before. And one of the insights I’ve gained is a deeper understanding of the importance of our annual pledge drive.

In the last year, I saw money spent on Fellowship Development (a topic about which I am particularly passionate, as such support helped my own congregation significantly several years ago during our Visioning process) and also on essential technology for improving the hybrid nature of our retreats. I myself benefited from this at the retreat in Bad Homburg; I was not able to stay on site for personal reasons, but on my way to the retreat site each day, I could tune in to sessions already happening while I was on the train and feel like I was able to take part just as well as if had I spent the night there. I see enabling the hybrid retreat experience as a form of social action – one of several kinds of social action that our annual pledge drive supports.

This is only a personal snapshot of what our pledge drive can affect – I know everyone has their own stories for how EUU has supported them as individuals or their congregations. If you have not yet pledged to EUU this year, I encourage you to do so now. Click here for details.

The pledge drive deadline is the end of the year. We thank you in advance for your support!

Emily Searle-White
EUU Vice President