Unitarian Road Trip

by Bettina Lande, Paris Fellowship

A Unitarian Road Trip, according to my definition, is when one or more Unitarians travel, often, but not necessarily, to Unitarian sites or events, and is quite a rarity these past two years.

After not seeing each other at EUU retreats for so long, I made a stop in Hamburg to visit Laura. Our kids knew each other from retreats of yore; in the meantime we were both retired, and she joined me on the next leg of my trip.

We boarded a train to Frankfurt, thus qualifying as a Unitarian Road Trip. Not knowing the city well, we were wandering randomly, nose in the map and could have missed it:

Bettina and Laura and The Metal Plaque

one of those typical German metal plaques, this time inscribed Unitarische Freie Religionsgemeinde. Fischerfeldstrasse! Of course, I knew that address. The doors were open; 2 gentlemen were busy in the lobby. We introduced ourselves as “Amerikanische Unitarier” which got their attention. They let us peek into the spacious sanctuary, beautifully furnished, empty on a Saturday, including an organ but no chalice in sight.

Editor’s note: Here’s the sanctuary when we held the Sunday service there for an EUU retreat 6 years ago.