UU Rhein-Main – New Contact Info, New Officers!

UU Rhein-Main Contact Information Updated!

UU Rhein-main successfully moved from Wiesbaden to our new location in Frankfurt. For a year, we kept Wiesbaden contact information to help ease into our new identity. We still meet on the 1st Sunday of the Month at Church of Christ the King in Frankfurt, and on the 3rd Sunday of the month we hold discussion group at a café in Wiesbaden. We chose UU Rhein-Main to honor our members who live throughout the region and that our events are held in two cities. We felt that Rhein-Main was true to our identity as a group and more comprehensive to our mission, which has evolved in our move from Wiesbaden. Finally, with the coming of the New Year, we have made the plunge and updated our information!

For the first time, we have a board consisting of a President (Caitlin McGinn), Vice-President (Johanna Houkes), and Treasurer (Claudia Searle-White) and we are on our way to becoming a Verein!

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