EUU Coordinating Council Meeting 30 October 2022

The EUU Coordinating Council met on 30 October 2022 in Mittelwihr, France, with Karen Kyker presiding. It was a hybrid meeting with members in person and online.

The Fall retreat, which had just ended, was discussed briefly. The next retreat will be in the Spring of 2022. At this time there are no further retreats scheduled. There was a discussion about the ongoing feasibility of offering two retreats a year. This issue will be presented at the upcoming AGM meeting online 5.11.2022 and discussed further at the next CC meeting.

Jutta Hamm-Ullmann, treasurer, discussed the current problems with the EUU bank account. She is looking for a new bank; in the meantime our money is safe.

There was a discussion about the need to hold the next Coordinating Council meetings in person so there is more time to discuss important issues.

Barbara Woodard