Who Are We – EUU?

Did you know? (quite possibly, but maybe not)…that EUU officers Tony Zamparutti (Pres), Karen Kyker (VP), Jutta Hamm (Treasurer) and Bonnie Friedmann (Secretary) meet monthly (joining together from across Europe on Zoom!) to discuss and work on a variety of tasks and business for EUU. And our EUU Coordinating Council – made up of officers, retreat organizers, communications directors, fellowship development leaders, our UUA Ambassador Diane Rollert AND Representatives of our affiliated Fellowships and At-Large Membership – has also been meeting regularly to share, discuss and make decisions that we use to guide EUU into the future.

For example, recent decisions have been about how to handle the cancelation of our Spring Retreat in Prague (we’ll get there, yet!); accessibility issues at retreats and other EUU events; developing a plan for an online Fall Retreat under uncertain COVID-19 conditions; and discussions about how to increase inter-fellowship support and connections, especially for worship resources and events.

And as the school year winds down (summertime!), thoughts about EUU Membership that have been simmering on the back burner of this VP’s mind are also insisting on attention and will no doubt come into our meetings: What does ‘being a member of EUU’ mean to different people within our wide EUU community? Is our definition of membership worth a fresh look in 2020? How can we welcome new members when we’re not able to come together in person as has been true this year? When people we don’t know contact us from our website, asking to become a member, how do we best respond, and what can our response(s) teach us about our identity and raison d’etre?

You – all within our EUU community – are invited to send ideas, thoughts, questions, or concerns to the EUU Representative of your local Fellowship or At-Large, OR directly to any of the EUU officers, at any time. Your input helps us to remain mindful of the diversity of people and concerns that coexist within our shared EUU community. We are here for one another and for those who have not yet joined us. Let us keep communicating and helping each other know who we are.

In Warm Fellowship,

Karen Kyker