You Can Lead a UU to Water, But Can You Make Them Register for a Retreat Two Months in Advance?

EUU President Carolyn Burlingame-Goff

EUU Retreats have often been hosted at German Youth Hostels.  A recent change in their policies requires us to give them a firm idea of the number of rooms we will need two months before the actual retreat.  Completely reasonable from their side of things; after all, they don’t want to be stuck with a large number of empty rooms if we can’t fill them.  But requiring UUs to figure out their calendars more than two months in advance?  Well, let’s just say your president has her doubts.  Please help prove me wrong.

As an incentive, any adult who registers and pays for the Cologne Retreat between August 15 and September 5 will receive an Early Bird Discount of €20.  Normal Registration will continue until September 30th, but as of October 1st, we will only be accepting registrations on a waiting list.  Cologne is one of your president’s favorite retreat sites with easy transportation links, and the wonderful city with its glorious Cathedral right on our doorstep.  I hope to see you there.