You Can Request EUU Support for a Local Charity or for a Fellowship-Based Social Action Project

(Note July 30 deadline at bottom of post!)

Dear EUU Members,

The EUU Coordinating Council has authorized the Social Action Coordinators to make decisions about charitable contributions within their budget and strongly encourage you to submit a request to us for support.


– administrative and legal help in social justice matters
– banners or material for special events
– book, backpack, blankets, clothing, toiletries drive
– food and drink at a gathering to support a charity and to develop partnerships for social action
– small business startups (Syrian catering in Paris)
– tools and supplies for a community garden
– training and skills development
– a direct charitable contribution to an organization an EUU Member or Fellowship is involved with

The process is as follows:

1) A EUU Member proposes a project.

2) The Fellowship or At-Large Representative approves the project (using whatever mechanism they chose).

3) The Fellowship Representative submits the project via the
Request Form (click link to download pdf file)
Request for EUU Donations
to Social Action (currently Jodi Ellen Stolzenbach, At-Large, and Diana Smith, UUFP). They evaluate the project with a special eye to whether it meets Social Action goals. Projects that support EUU Fellowship Development are strongly encouraged.

4) If the project is approved, Jodi and Diana inform the Fellowship Rep then contact Tom Sievers (EUU Treasurer) with the amount and the account information, so that the money goes directly to the specified recipient.

5) All requests need to be submitted to by July 30th so that they can be processed before the end of the EUU fiscal year (August 31st).

Funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

In Gratitude,

Jodi Ellen Stolzenbach & Diana Smith
Social Action Coordinators, EUU