Month: June 2022

Our Thoughts Are Free

by John Eichrodt, UU Basel Gevene, our editor of the Unifier, recently asked for contributions to the Unifier. I tried to think of what would be best to write about. I thought of so many subjects and events that I decided simply to share them with you. The most tragic event of the year, for … Continue reading Our Thoughts Are Free

Unitarian Road Trip

by Bettina Lande, Paris Fellowship A Unitarian Road Trip, according to my definition, is when one or more Unitarians travel, often, but not necessarily, to Unitarian sites or events, and is quite a rarity these past two years. After not seeing each other at EUU retreats for so long, I made a stop in Hamburg … Continue reading Unitarian Road Trip

War and Peace

by Dallis Radamaker, Netherlands UU Fellowship June 2, 2022 Thursday As I begin writing, it is exactly 1:00 pm on an exceptionally beautiful spring day.  My apartment on the third floor of an apartment block in Heemstede is flooded with light. I like to sit here at my battered old oaken desk with my books … Continue reading War and Peace

Life Alive – 32nd Unitariertag in Cologne: A Short Report

by Bonnie Friedmann, EUU Member at Large “Life alive” was the theme of the 32nd Unitariertag in Cologne, a four-day gathering held every two years, during which the Unitarier meet for their general meeting, as well as for worship, inspiration and relaxation together. The event is both very similar to our EUU retreats and also somewhat … Continue reading Life Alive – 32nd Unitariertag in Cologne: A Short Report

How Much Is Enough?

by Martha Hicks, EUU member at large   Enough No. It will never be enough. Never enough wind clamoring in the trees, sun and shadow handling each leaf, never enough clang of my neighbor hammering, the iron nails, relenting wood, sound waves lapping over roofs, never enough bees purposeful at the throats of lilies. How could … Continue reading How Much Is Enough?

Jogging with Mozart

by Floyd Vernon Chandler, EUU member at large It was during one weekday morning, at Red Hill Universalist Church, when I made the discovery. It is possible to jog four–five miles around the inside of a church sanctuary while listening to Mozart. I think the year was 1999. It was a time when my body could … Continue reading Jogging with Mozart