Before the online Fall Retreat in 2020, Karen Kyker and Shulamit Levine-Helleman created videos to teach people how to use Zoom. They are a good way to get started or to review what you once learned.


Zoom Basics
for New and Inexperienced Zoom Users

Zoom Basics 1 – Update & Open Zoom Software
Have Zoom App/Client/Software ON your Device.
Zoom Basics 2 – Your Zoom Account
Add a photo and adjust your name
Zoom Basics 3 – Join a Zoom meeting
Join either with OR WITHOUT a Zoom account
Zoom Basics 4 – Basic Meeting Controls
Mute/Unmute – Video on or off – Speaker View vs Gallery View

Zoom Intermediate
for the Somewhat Experienced and Sometimes Frustrated

Zoom 5 – More Meeting Controls
“Pin” a video – Open and Pop-out Chat Window
Send Private and ‘Everyone’ Chat messages
Zoom 6 – Using Zoom AND Another Program
Fullscreen vs Smaller Window
Find other programs on your computer while using Zoom
Type in a document while using Zoom
Zoom 7 – When Screensharing Happens
Explore the control YOU still have, even when
someone else shares their screen in a Zoom Meeting