Category: From Your EUU Officers

Regular messages from the EUU officers – what’s happening in EUU and personal reflections.

EUU Officers — An Overview

Each fall at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), the EUU holds elections for the four officers who have very specific administrative roles within EUU. These roles are defined in EUU’s By-Laws, the official document that is registered with the French government (where we are established as a non-profit association). The term limit of the president … Continue reading EUU Officers — An Overview

May 21 Coordinating Council (CC) Meeting Summary 

On Tuesday evening, the fourteenth of May, 21 EUU representatives, active members, supporters and officers joined together online for a post-retreat Coordinating Council (CC) meeting. Our next such online meeting will take place early next fall, and you are enthusiastically invited to come listen and possibly contribute, as these meetings are open to all within our … Continue reading May 21 Coordinating Council (CC) Meeting Summary 

President’s Letter May 2024

Dear fellow EUU Members and Friends, We are so blessed to have the light of spring, the greening of our gardens, and each other! I hope that you will nonetheless take some time out from the great outdoors to reconnect with EUU: read about our recent Spring Retreat in Saarbrücken, about a very invigorating recent … Continue reading President’s Letter May 2024

President’s Letter Feb 2024 – Summary of the EUU Coordinating Council meeting on Thursday, March 14, 2024

Fifteen people met online for our spring CC meeting, including the ever-supportive and helpful Rev. Diane Rollert from Montreal. By the way – anyone in the EUU community is welcome to attend a CC meeting, to find out how we work together to keep ourselves organized; if interested, please send a message to and let us know … Continue reading President’s Letter Feb 2024 – Summary of the EUU Coordinating Council meeting on Thursday, March 14, 2024

President’s Letter Feb 2024

Dear fellow members of our EUU community, I’ve recently spent some solid blocks of time with dear family (thanks to school vacation), dear friends (thanks to online video conferencing software), and old and new acquaintances (thanks to our local UU Fellowship in Paris and this month’s visiting minister Zsolt Elekes from Transylvania). I am grateful … Continue reading President’s Letter Feb 2024

President’s Letter Nov 2023

This is a season of increasing darkness: the dark times of the season, the difficult and too-often horrendous daily lives of many people in our interlinked world. In the midst of small and gigantic challenges, moments of color and smile, gestures of warmth and care, help me to keep moving forward. A line from one … Continue reading President’s Letter Nov 2023