Month: October 2023

Helen Hartnell

(by Bettina Lande)

Helen Hartnell passed away in Berlin on September 18. I knew she had health issues but we did have a plan to be 70 together in another year, which to the surprise of both of us she didn’t have.

Many will know Helen from … read more.

President’s Letter Oct 2023

EUU President Karen Kyker

Autumn is upon us. Here are warm hopes that the growing darkness at the ends of the day bring you some moments of calm and repose, and that the cooler temperatures feel like an invitation to get cozy with a favorite sweater … read more.

Summary of EUU Town Hall Meeting, October 9, 2023

(by Karen Kyker)

On Monday evening, Oct. 9, twenty-four people met together for a “Town Hall Meeting” online, to discuss our EUU Retreat Grant Process as well as a Safe Community statement. Members of the two task forces which were formed at our 2022 AGM to … read more.

Let’s Save the Seven Principles

Opinion, by John Eichrodt, EUU member

Preliminary remarks

For the last several years, there has been considerable concern in UU communities in the U.S. about losing our Seven Principles and thus the core of our UU faith that is expressed in them. This article intends to give … read more.