EUU members live in many places, often far from each other. We value our opportunities to meet in person, at retreats and special events, by visiting a fellowship when we can schedule a trip to coincide with a fellowship event.

Winter and Summer Solstice

A Winter Solstice celebration has become a beloved EUU tradition as well as an occasion to see each other between retreats. The biggest gathering is in Germany, but fellowships in other places may also have their own celebrations. Bringing along food for wild animals, we gather for a forest walk to a chosen tree as the day grows dark. Our ceremony involves decorating the tree for the animals and reflecting on the meaning of shortest day. Often music is involved. We return in a candlelight procession to a warm home where we have a potluck meal with hot soup, warm fellowship and lots fun.

Summer solstice is also celebrated in many fellowships.

EUU Retreats

Retreats are the main gatherings of EUU members. 120-150 EUU members and friends (and newcomers) travel — sometimes great distances — to be in community and share our thoughts and feelings for a long weekend. We have a theme speaker, workshops, programs for children and youth, worship, music, discussion, guitar playing, and wonderful fellowship. EUU organizes two retreats a year, in the spring and fall, in various locations, mostly in Germany, Belgium, and France. We try to make them easily accessible to most of our members.

Coordinating Council meetings

CC meetings are held at the retreats but also in the winter and summer. The location for the winter and summer meetings varies. They are often held on the weekend when the local fellowship has a worship service or other activity that the CC members can attend.

These are open meetings, and some people who are not CC members come to attend the meeting, or to do a little sightseeing and join in the dinner that follows the meeting.  Some specialized CC meetings are held online, using ZOOM.