Thank you to everyone who attended the June EUT retreat in Berlin and who contributed to our social action collections!

A lot of eyeglasses were collected this time: about 20 pairs with a case, 15 pairs without a case, and an additional 5 pairs of sunglasses. These will again be split between two charities. Some will be given by the Paris Fellowship to Optic2000, then sent to Burkina Faso. For more about this program, visit (in French and German). The other glasses will be taken by Aude van Lidth de Jeude to Egypt for distribution to those who need them.

Laura from Hamburg, Germany, once again collected used and new postage stamps and this time received about five handfuls. They will be passed on to the German Unitarians and to a group that does projects for the physically challenged. They both sort the stamps and sell them to stamp collectors in order to finance small social projects.

One backpack was collected and will be donated to schoolchildren in need in Brussels.

Although there was no Sunday collection this time, the book table raised about €60, which will be added to the social action budget.

Thank you for your generosity and for your future support!

Diana Smith

Acting Social Action Coordinator