The Social Action Coordinator (SAC). The role of the SAC is to encourage EUU members to get involved with local, European and global projects, in part by looking for ways to strengthen the network within EUU and beyond. The SAC also coordinates EUU funding and member donations (financial and material) for Europe-based projects.

The Social Action Committee (SAComm). The SAC is in charge of coordinating the SAComm, which is tasked with organizing Social Action activities, communications, donations and maintaining the Social Action budget. New members are always welcome on the SAComm, so if this sounds interesting to you, please contact the SAC!

The Coordinating Council (CC) and Social Action. The CC is comprised of representatives from all areas of the EUU (i.e., President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, etc., as well as Fellowship representatives and those who coordinate different areas like music, technology/communication, social action, etc), and meets four time per year. The SAC is a non-voting member of the CC and is welcome to attend and participate at all CC meetings. The SAC is given a time at the CC to provide information regarding SA activities, most importantly on the SA part of the budget. The Social Action budget comprises a large part of the EUU budget.