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Message to all European Unitarian Universalists

At their January meeting, the European Unitarian Universalists Coordinating Council adopted the following affirmation:

In view of recent events in Paris and elsewhere in Europe, may we, European Unitarian Universalists, rededicate ourselves to living the Unitarian Universalist principles in our daily lives here in Europe.  May we demonstrate these principles in our speech and our actions, including participating in activities that promote tolerance, peace, and interfaith understanding. 

Fall Retreat 2015:

Oct 30–Nov 1 in Köln (Cologne), Germany


Singing For Our Lives: Power for Our Journey Together

Our good friend, The Rev. Mark Belletini, who has been with us many times before, will lead us in considering the role of music in our lives. We will be joined by members of the Unitarian Music Society (UK). But you don't have to be a musician or even particularly interested in music to enjoy this retreat!

Come join us on the banks of Rhine, in exciting and historic Köln. For much more information, click

The Spring Retreat was in April 10–12, 2015 in Oberwesel, Germany.
The theme speaker was The Rev. Dávid GyerÅ‘.


The fall 2014 retreat was in October 2014 in Spa, Belgium.

The theme speaker was the Rev. Meg Riley.



The spring 2014 retreat was in April 2014 near Melun, outside of Paris. 

The theme speaker was the Rev. Chris Buice.

The fall 2013 retreat was in November 2013 in Oberwesel, Germany.

The theme speaker was The Rev. Rosemary Bray McNatt.

The spring 2013 retreat was in April 2013 at Mittelwihr, France.

The Reverend Mark Morrison-Reed was our theme speaker.



About EUU

Founded in 1982, European Unitarian Universalists (EUU) is a religious community and network connecting Unitarian Universalists (UUs) and UU fellowships in Europe. Approximately half of the more than 200 members belong to local lay-led fellowships that share resources and programs (including Religious Education). The remaining members, known as "at large" members, are spread over most of the countries of Europe but are not affiliated with a particular fellowship.

EUU publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Unifier, and sponsors twice-yearly retreats in various locations. Recent retreats in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany have each attracted up to 150 Universalists and Unitarians from across Europe.

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