Who are we today and who do we want to become?

EUU Spring Retreat Apr 14–16

with the Rev. Meg Riley
Co-Moderator and Chief Governance Officer of the UUA
We live in challenging times — news of pandemics, wars and climate catastrophes floods the mind-boggling number of information sources we have competing for our scattered attention. An atmosphere of fear and even open hatred often permeates the headlines and the common discourse. It’s understandable, that it all feels overwhelming at times. How do we navigate our lives through our todays with hope for our tomorrows?
Our UU tradition can be an anchor for our little boats in the storm, when we engage with our faith in mindful and conscious ways. When we ask, who are we as UUs in this world today? Who do we want to be as we move day by day into the future? How can our faith community both sustain us and support us so we can live our values actively in a world that desperately needs our light?

You are invited to explore these questions with us at the EUU Spring Retreat in Bad Homburg, Germany, from April 14th to 16th 2023! 

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