Category: From Your EUU Officers

Regular messages from the EUU officers – what’s happening in EUU and personal reflections.

President’s Letter May 2024

EUU President Karen Kyker

Dear fellow EUU Members and Friends,

We are so blessed to have the light of spring, the greening of our gardens, and each other! I hope that you will nonetheless take some time out from the great outdoors to reconnect with EUU: read … read more.

President’s Letter Feb 2024

EUU President Karen Kyker

Dear fellow members of our EUU community,

I’ve recently spent some solid blocks of time with dear family (thanks to school vacation), dear friends (thanks to online video conferencing software), and old and new acquaintances (thanks to our local UU Fellowship in Paris … read more.

President’s Letter Jan 2024

EUU President Karen Kyker

Winter Greetings to all. Whether you are trying to keep your toes and fingers warm, or shielding yourself from falling snow or rain, or basking in some blessed sunlight of the season, on behalf of all the EUU officers, we hope you … read more.

Thoughts on the Pledge Drive from the VP

This week, I officially start my second year as Vice President of EUU. This past year has taught me more than I thought I had to learn about EUU – in particular, I find I am much more aware of the inner workings of EUU … read more.

President’s Letter Nov 2023

EUU President Karen Kyker

This is a season of increasing darkness: the dark times of the season, the difficult and too-often horrendous daily lives of many people in our interlinked world. In the midst of small and gigantic challenges, moments of color and smile, gestures of … read more.

President’s Letter Oct 2023

EUU President Karen Kyker

Autumn is upon us. Here are warm hopes that the growing darkness at the ends of the day bring you some moments of calm and repose, and that the cooler temperatures feel like an invitation to get cozy with a favorite sweater … read more.

“Remember the EUU!”

We urge all EUU Fellowships to regularly inform members about who EUU is, and about EUU membership as a separate membership organization from the local fellowship.

Our EUU community grows from, and finds its organizing energy from, local fellowships. Creating EUU retreats gives a place for … read more.

UU Basics Workshop in October (online)

A two-part online workshop called “UU Basics” will take place this fall, led by Dorcy Erlandson and Karen Kyker, both of the Paris Fellowship, on Sunday, October 8 from 10:00–13:00 and on Saturday, October 28 from 13:30–16:30.

If you would like to join in this sharing … read more.