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News about EUU members and also, especially, about members who have left Europe.  Send news to

Bettina Honored in Warsaw

Bettina receiving the Polish award

Bettina Lande (Paris Fellowship) and her son Frankie were in Poland in November for a conference in the old synagogue built by Frankie’s great-great-great grandfather Moritz Landé, as well as for a ceremony in Warsaw, where Bettina received an award from … read more.

Helen Hartnell

(by Bettina Lande)

Helen Hartnell passed away in Berlin on September 18. I knew she had health issues but we did have a plan to be 70 together in another year, which to the surprise of both of us she didn’t have.

Many will know Helen from … read more.

Recent Books by EUU Authors

Floyd Vernon Chandler

Floyd Vernon Chandler’s new book of poetry, Praying in the Zone, has just been published. You can find it on and Vernon is an EUU member-at-large and a retired Army chaplain and Universalist minister.

John Eichrodt has written: This collection of poems should … read more.

Roy Euvrard (1943–2023)


LeRoy Euvard, photo courtesy Chris Buice

On January 16th, 2023, LeRoy Eugene Euvrard, Jr. passed away, thirteen days after his 80th birthday. He is survived by 5 children and 11 grandchildren. Raised a Unitarian, Roy was a scout as a child and later become a scoutmaster, … read more.

Remembering Maggie

Maggie (left) having lunch in Paris with Dorcy Erlandson and Gevene Hertz. July 2013




Maggie Goodwin was a beloved and respected figure in EUU for many years. Here’s how some of her friends remember her.

Phil Campbell

Maggie was a terrific person and a terrific friend.

Martha and John … read more.

Memories of Celie Cabane, longtime EUU member from Paris

Celie Cabane died on February 16 at the Hopital St Louis in Paris. She was 71 years old. She had been undergoing  treatment for cancer for many years but never stopped her psychotherapy practice, using Voice Dialogue.  

Celie was active in the early years of the Paris fellowship when … read more.

2021 Appreciation Awards for EUU’s amazing volunteers!

At the November 2021 AGM, Karen Kyker announced the volunteer appreciation awards for 2021. Thanks to president-emeritus Carolyn Burlingame-Goff for starting this lovely tradition.

Founder’s Award

To Gevene Hertz, for the too-many-to-name jobs she has done for so long: Unifier, Website, Facebook Page, Online Groups such as Morning … read more.

The Rev. Steve Dick, One of EUU’s Founders

In December 2020, Steve Dick died unexpectedly. This was a shock to his many friends, including many of us in EUU. In recent years, through his work as Executive Director of ICUU (International Council of Unitarians and Universalists) and his visits to EUU fellowships and … read more.

In Memory of Steve Dick

I was asked for a few words about my memories of Steve Dick. Outside it is snowing, and everything is very white and still, and I am sitting at my computer trying to bring back the past, many decades ago, when Steve came into my … read more.