If you’d like to see your social action activities in the Unifier and on the website, please get in touch (socialaction@europeanuu.org) with social action co-coordinator Terri Michos or with social action editor Adrienne Brayman. We realize that many of our fellowships don’t have fellowship-wide coordination, but we know that a lot of people are working with NGOs and charities individually, and we would love to hear from you!

What Is Social Action?

The goals of EUU Social Action (SA) are to:

  • Foster a culture of social engagement within the EUU;
  • Encourage members to find ways to engage in Social Action projects in local, European and global communities;
  • Support charitable organizations at existing and new retreat sites through Sunday collection donations collected during retreat weekends;
  • Build partnerships based on service with other UU organizations and congregations;
  • Serve as a central information platform and networking point for members interested in Social Action;
  • Help members share information about and interests in Social Action.

A Culture of Engagement

Social Action starts with the individual. EUU Social Action would like to foster a culture of social engagement and personal development within the EUU, empowering members to find their way to action in their own communities.

One way SA can do this is to coordinate retreat and online workshops around topics of social engagement and intercultural communication. These workshops are by nature specific and participatory, with at least one element that participants can take away and implement at home.

Another important function of the SA is to help socially active members share their experiences through talks at retreats and online, Unifier articles, and maintaining a list of organizations members are currently engaged with.

Through these efforts, SA hopes to network EUU members committed to social action on an individual level to each other and to external organizations, partners and opportunities, helping to create a stronger overall effort. SA hopes to foster continuous dialogue across several platforms, create a support network for members, helping to inspire them to take action.