Month: September 2021

Gifts and Blessings from the First Lockdown

by Laura Stahnke

We all have different stories to tell. The first lockdown hit me at a particularly confusing time, less than a year after my husband died. I was just beginning to make a few good friends in my newly full time rural home. The … read more.

Re-entering the World

by Martha Hicks

Though Covid19 restrictions have loosened somewhat, and we are now able to do things we have not be able to do for more than a year and a half, it still feels like a very strange world, and we know that we have … read more.

The Canterbury Tales

by Derek Suchard

When the definitive narrative account of the Covid-19 pandemic is written, the modern-day Decamerone or Canterbury Tales, it will have a colourful cast of characters, depending on the author and what philosophical point xe is trying to make.

For some, prominent roles will be … read more.

Two Poems

by Nancy Klein

January 26, 2021

The awful, horrible, terrible time

—Dedicated to children all around the world

It was an awful, horrible, terrible time when we couldn’t say, “Let’s play!”

When we had to stay home, all alone, with no one to talk to.

How can a tiny bug keep … read more.

What, if anything, has Covid-19 taught us?

by Darrel Moellendorf
at the UURM Service on Sunday 6 June 2021

It’s now been more than two weeks since my second AZ shot. So, I enjoy full coverage. I hope some of you can also say that, and that most of you at least have … read more.

The Burden of Lockdowns on Children

by Barbara Woodard, IUCP

The long ‘lockdowns’ were implemented by politicians based on recommendation from epidemiologists.  While their intentions were good, their plans failed to address what is needed to live and thrive as a person; child development specialists, psychologists and gerontologists should have been included in the … read more.

Uncertainty and Optimism

EUU President Tony Zamparutti

I, perhaps like many of you, was hoping for a simple story in 2021: everyone is vaccinated and the Covid pandemic ends.

The news, however, has been bewildering. Across the Europe Union and Switzerland, about 70% of adults are now vaccinated against Covid, … read more.