Month: March 2022

Remembering Maggie

      Maggie Goodwin was a beloved and respected figure in EUU for many years. Here’s how some of her friends remember her. Phil Campbell Maggie was a terrific person and a terrific friend. Martha and John Hicks We always loved seeing Maggie at the retreats and missed her when she was no longer … Continue reading Remembering Maggie

Memories of Celie Cabane, longtime EUU member from Paris

Celie Cabane died on February 16 at the Hopital St Louis in Paris. She was 71 years old. She had been undergoing  treatment for cancer for many years but never stopped her psychotherapy practice, using Voice Dialogue.   Celie was active in the early years of the Paris fellowship when her children, Olivia (Alice) and Guillaume, participated in RE. … Continue reading Memories of Celie Cabane, longtime EUU member from Paris

Getting Down to UU Basics

“So, what is ‘UU’?” That’s the question that people responded to in ‘elevator speeches’ last Saturday, as the final activity after spending about 4 hours together, listening, sharing, and querying. In our recent UU Basics workshop (online), we explored definitions, history, organizational structures, social action, and personal religious & spiritual journeys. It felt like a … Continue reading Getting Down to UU Basics