Month: November 2023

Calling all at-large members of the EUU!

(updated Jan 9, 2024)

At-large members of the EUU are those of us who are members of EUU but not members of any EUU-affiliated fellowship. (The recently renamed at-large activity “EUU At-Large Informal Online Spiritual Community” does not count as an EUU affiliated fellowship, as it … read more.

Thoughts on the Pledge Drive from the VP

This week, I officially start my second year as Vice President of EUU. This past year has taught me more than I thought I had to learn about EUU – in particular, I find I am much more aware of the inner workings of EUU … read more.

President’s Letter Nov 2023

EUU President Karen Kyker

This is a season of increasing darkness: the dark times of the season, the difficult and too-often horrendous daily lives of many people in our interlinked world. In the midst of small and gigantic challenges, moments of color and smile, gestures of … read more.