Author: Gevene Hertz

What are YOU doing? What have you discovered?

In awarding grant money from the EUU budget, the Social Action Committee has decided to prioritize 3 areas: People, Planet, Partnerships. We report on these projects in the Unifier. But we’d also like to know what projects and actions you are supporting with your time, money, … read more.

Retreat. Revive. Reconnect. Re……

EUU President Karen Kyker

Retreat. Revive. Reconnect. Religion. Remember. Rejoice! Regret. Relieve. Relive. Respond. Retire. Rewire. Respire. Rebegin. Revisit. Review. Relight. Regroup. Repeat. Relief. Restart. Return. …Prague. Europe. Earth. Here. Now. …Reflect. Renew. Retreat.

We are one week away from the opening of our Spring 2022 EUU … read more.

Let’s Stay in Touch

It’s been a year since most of us became aware that a virus in China could change our lives. Then, while we were still getting used to that idea, activities started being cancelled. Online life began: working, school, shopping, doctor consultations …  “Normal” ways to … read more.