UU Basel Fellowship and Chalice Circles Nov 10 – A Day Devoted to Our Lives Matter

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Date(s) - 10/11/2019
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Im Lohnhof 8


Both the morning (11 a.m ) and afternoon session (1:30 p.m.) will be devoted to sharing our life stories.

Our main UU principle calls us to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Rebecca Parker, the former Dean of the School of Theology at Berkeley, states that ‘’Congregations can ground life in shared rituals that nourish and strengthen people spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and intellectually providing a deep foundation for courageous and meaningful living.’’ (Chapter 3, in “House for Hope”).

So, in these sessions, we will start with ourselves together, mainly through pair work. At the end of the two sessions, we hope to have the beginning of a better and fairly clear perspective of our lives, and a strong reminder that they matter to us and others. We will have written the beginning of our biographies that can then be completed and enriched with photos or drawings. The interviews can be continued after the sessions. Each person should receive his or her biography by the December holyday period.

The exercise will be conducted with respect for privacy, and each other’s sensitivities. We will avoid psychological issues. French, or German speakers can tell their life stories in their languages if there are enough speakers of French or German. The exercise is suitable for young persons from 9 onwards, so they are invited to participate.

John Eichrodt, a life long UU, will lead these two sessions, along with everyone else.

If you plan to attend on Nov. 10th, please email John at jeichrodt@sfr.fr or phone 00 33 3 89 651 805.