UU Paris Worship Service May 19 – A Place in the Arc (sic) with Art Lester

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Date(s) - 19/05/2019
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

La Maison Verte (M° Jules Joffrin)



A Place in the Arc (sic)

The Rev. Art Lester (scroll down to the bottom to read more about the minister)

The Rev. Art Lester

Yes, it IS the best of times. It IS the worst of times. But there is good reason to cheer, as we will hear from foxes, bunnyrabbits and Martin Luther King.We meet for worship at La Maison Verte at 127-129 rue Marcadet, 75018.

Music for gathering starts at 10:20am and the service starts at 10:30am.

In honor of the environment:

  • Diana Smith invites the fellowship to bring an item that evokes nature to honor the environment and celebrate diversity in nature: a stone, a flower, a small plant, a piece of wood, an image, a photo… Bring what inspires you and place it on the altar alongside our bouquet of flowers.
  • UUFP will be phasing out plastic cups at coffee hour after the service. We encourage everyone to bring re-useable mugs or cups.

Our service this month will be followed by the UUFP Annual General Meeting.


Katherine Blondel will lead the children’s lesson. This year we will explore together through a curriculum “Windows and Mirrors”. It’s a program that nurtures children’s ability to identify their own experiences and perspectives and to seek out, care about, and respect those of others. The sessions unpack topics that lend themselves to diverse experiences and perspectives—for example, faith heritage, public service, anti-racism and prayer. The program teaches that there are always multiple viewpoints and everyone’s viewpoint matters.

Katherine Blondel is the coordinator of Children’s RE. You can reach her at katherine.blondel@orange.frwith questions or to let her know your children will be at the upcoming service (that’s always helpful).

For younger children who are not yet ready for a group lesson and independent, focused activity, please consider taking your young child to the babysitter before or during the service, or accompanying your child during RE so as to assist him or her.


Art Lester left his native USA forty years ago. After working at village level in Botswana, Kenya and the Dominican Republic for European agencies, he settled in the UK, where he trained as a Unitarian minister. He led churches in London, the Southeast of Britain and Dublin before being appointed at Croydon Unitarians, where he has been for 12 years. During the last 21 years, he has been a frequent visiting minister at UUFP. He thinks of the ParisFellowship almost as a second congregation.

He is the author of seven books, including the award-winning Seeing with Your Ears. The most recent is The Hunch, due for publication in September. A list is available on Amazon.com. When he is not at his small cottage in a Spanish mountain village, he lives in Croydon with his wife, Gilly Fraser, a playwright and TV script writer.